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4ND uH, ot)(er MaDdEnInG iidiio2yncra2iie2

TG: holy shit dude its like youve never taken a proper myspace shot before
TA: 2hh thii2 ii2 a 2acred riite of pa22age dude you cant ru2h the preciiou2 baby
TC: HaHa ShIt BrOs SeRiOuSlY i CaN’t Do ThIs MoThErFuCkIn ThInG rIgHt If YoU kEeP mAkIn Me LaUgH lIkE tHiS XoD
CT: D—> E%cuse me, you boys know better than to be herding into the bathroom in such a manner
CT: D—> This type of behoover will not be tolerated
TC: Oh ShIt BrOs!
TA: ehehehe bu2ted


So as a ‘congratz you made it all the fuckin way through Brainbent’ I decided to do a 4am impromptu BB!Gamzee because my hair was like…CURLY

So yeah, ignore that shitty drabble up there…wtf am I doing

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